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What Do We Provide

Based on the advantageous resources of JSBC, one of the leading media operators in China, we are making efforts to promote the understanding and exchanges between Jiangsu and the world. Through effective resource management in a global perspective, we launch international brand promotion campaigns, aside from introducing quality JSBC-produced contents to overseas viewers.

Culture Exchange Events and Commercial Performances

JSBC president
The International Department has jointly sponsored a series of grand culture exchange events such as the 2005 and 2006 Foreigner's Chinese Artistic Talents Show, gaining widespread attention and acclaim from viewers both home and abroad.

International Co-production

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Miracle Jiangsu, a 40-episode feature co-production between the International Department and Taiwan's Eastern Multimedia Group, gives a full coverage to the changes taken place around the province. The one-hour feature Twinning Economic Power with Jiangsu presents the 20-year friendship between Jiangsu and Ontario.

Co-operation With World Media Giants

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The International Department has established sound cooperation ties with world famous media groups such as News Corporation, Disney, BBC and ITV. Having produced a variety of high-quality TV programs including news reports and exclusive interviews, the department is among China's only five news contributors for CNN.

Brand Promotion Campaigns

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The International Department has planned and launched the 2007 Rendezvous Ontario Cocktail Party in Canada to bridge Jiangsu with the world. Moreover, we also launch various brand promotion campaigns for Celanese, BASF, Siemens, Disney, LG, Arches as well as other domestic and international enterprises.

Content Distribution and Acquisition

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Another core business of the International Department is the sales of JSBC-produced documentary, animation, drama and entertainment programs, which has achieved a great success in the international market.

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